Games Update No.1

The first game I’d like to show stuff from is that of Smithys Quest 2. I’ve drawn up a base map of the game, as well as the RPG battle engine version of smithy and some enemies. I’m guessing that the map in Smithys 2 will be atleast 20 times the size of the map in Smithy 1.

Screenies :


Another game I’ve been working on quite a bit latley is a defence/action styled game that involves you trying to protect your castle whilst fighting off an on going horde of orcs. The enemy also has a castle which you have to take down if you can. You will have three main screens to move through (your castle, bridge, enemies castle). The aim of the game is to hold off the enemy advancements until your reinforcements come. You also have to protect your castle at all costs.

Screeny (bridge screen):


A small project I’ve been doing the graphics for is the game “Nodes”. The aim of this game is to defuse a bomb by using the nodes to activate all the little ball things. Once the timer reaches 00:00, the bomb blows up and you effectivley lose the game. I’m doing this one with Eggy, the same guy I did Smithys Quest with. When its done it should look something like this:nodes.png

The last game I feel like showing screenies of is “Skermia Online”. This game involves you building up your army and fighting other peoples armies online. To do this, you have to gain various things such as Mines and Chests to get “MPD” (Money Per Day). The battle system isn’t live, and were still trying to figure out a way of adding in a game type thing for the battle part.





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