Prison Throw.

•June 15, 2007 • 6 Comments

I’d always wanted to make a throwing type game in the style of Kitty Kannon and PinguThrow, and so I decided that I’d team up with a coder to make one. The aim of this game is to throw your little prison escapee as far as you possibly can whilst avioding certain obstacles. Spacebar is pretty much the only button you need to press whilst playing the game.


It took about 3 months of working and organization to produce this game, and I’m quite happy with the result. The graphics were fun to make and the game came along quite nicely. Prison Throw can be played here.


QuibeLand Evolution.

•June 15, 2007 • Leave a Comment

After creating a scrolling platform engine with a friend of mine, I decided that I should turn it into a sequal for Quibeland 2. Although this game has about 5 bosses and alot more levels then the previous Quibeland I can’t say that i liked it more. The quality of the game is pretty average and it took alot of effort to make. Quibeland 2 can be viewed here.

QuibeLand Evolution Screenshot


•June 15, 2007 • Leave a Comment

This was the first game I had completed under the name of Shibby. It was also the first peice I’d coded and animated by myself. Quibeland can be viewed here.