Games Update No.2

With nodes really becoming history only recently, me and eggy decided that we should start working on a sequel to the game. Last Thursday night I spent a while playing around flash, and came up with this:

This isn’t exactly what nodes 2 will end up looking like, but it will look like something similar.

Another game I have been busy at work with is the MMORPG. As graphics go I’ve managed to create heaps of in game terrain and indoor areas as well as items, equipment and a character selection thing. Coding wise, we’ve managed to make a complete in game chat system, inventory, moving + collision and a simple RPG battle engine.

The third and final game I’ve been working on recently is that of a themed checkers game. The game will include about 10 different themed checker boards, with single player and online multiplayer modes as well as extra features including an in game shop and collectible items.


~ by shibbymedia on September 9, 2007.

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