Smithys Quest

This game took a while to finish, and I found that drawing up the graphics for RPG games can be pretty damn hard. Most of the dioluge in this game was done by Eggy, the creator of all the Draw Play games. He did the coding for the game as well.


Although the game does look mostly like your average RPG, it lacks that battle system that pretty much all good RPGs have. I guess because of this, the game is no where near as fun as it could be. When we eventually start making Smithies Quest 2, we will definatley spend a good while developing a good and slightly original battle engine. Smithys Quest can be played here.


~ by shibbymedia on June 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Smithys Quest”

  1. I cant play

  2. i wood realy like to play this game

  3. I want to play this bad come on!?!

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