Prison Throw.

I’d always wanted to make a throwing type game in the style of Kitty Kannon and PinguThrow, and so I decided that I’d team up with a coder to make one. The aim of this game is to throw your little prison escapee as far as you possibly can whilst avioding certain obstacles. Spacebar is pretty much the only button you need to press whilst playing the game.


It took about 3 months of working and organization to produce this game, and I’m quite happy with the result. The graphics were fun to make and the game came along quite nicely. Prison Throw can be played here.


~ by shibbymedia on June 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “Prison Throw.”

  1. This game is pretty cool. I like getting radio and having missles shot me…anyway…good game.

  2. I played this game on the 5th of august 2007 and when I was stopped by a bush and slowly started walking I was just about to fall over when a guard hit me and I flew up into the air.

    it was going up in tens for two hours and i have still not come back down my brother will try to send you a video of this by e-mail his e-mail is it is quite funny it is the first time i have ever played it and i have become best in the world (but I haven’t because he hasn’t come back down). but i don’t know how to send you a video

  3. Not half bad, and I certainly love the graphics. It’s quite southparkesque 😛

    One thing to note is that there appears to be a glitch. After I called in an air strike, I seem to be rising infinitely. I’m currently at about 500,000 feet (or yards, or miles, or whatever), and still going.

    I gotta admit, that’s one heck of a large prison 😛

    Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks for the game.

  4. fun game…its better than others with the same goal…& I’m a major fan of the music in the beginning haha good job!!

  5. I’ve been playing this over at addicting games ( and think I might have triggered a bug. I made my throw and was about to come to a stop, when I happened to fall on a pile of TNT, and I keep going up and up. Currently, I’m at 375000 and still rising…just thought you’d like to know.

  6. how do you make the meter go all the way to full?

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